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Teamwork is the hallmark of most of the successful organizations and Neo Values is no different. We recognize the importance of teams and emphasize on roles played by each team member towards the success of a project or assignment.

Unless a Team Lead is well supported by his/her team, the success of a project cannot be consistent. Based on our experience, we recognize that teamwork is essential to ensure successful and timely project delivery. Team-building exercises are periodically planned and conducted for all the employees to ensure successful project delivery besides contributing to a social cause.

Neo Values has established its Engineering Process combining the best of the development and support models such as the Waterfall model, the Spiral model (including Incremental Builds) etc. Depending on the requirements, we choose the right software engineering model for a specific project.

Broadly, four phases are established in every project. They are: Requirements Definition, Analysis & Design, Coding & Unit Testing and Final Testing & Delivery.

Entry and Exit criteria will be defined for each phase, to be signed off by the Project Manager concerned Software readiness for delivery is established by utilizing a robust quality process from start to end.

Like schedules, estimation models are used to arrive at the bugs injection and removal projections, based on which goals are defined for the team, for testing and removal of bugs.

Reviews are mandatory at every stage and will be the personal responsibility of the Project Manager to ensure compliance to review schedules.

Product Development Product Development

Neo Values has a well-defined approach towards developing a product. Years of experience in developing products for International customers have resulted in defining a workable, efficient and cost-effective development cycle. The management team's passion and commitment to develop world-class products combined with the proven track record of developing products, makes Neo Values a viable and right proposition for any customer.

Project Tracking Project Tracking

Once the specifications have been frozen, an Execution plan will be drawn up which defines the complete process to be followed and also defines the development activities and the schedules in detail through a Work Breakdown Structure. This plan includes an analysis of the risks and the plan to minimize or eliminate these risks. Microsoft Project will be used for this planning exercise.

Progress will then be reported every week against the plan, including a detailed analysis by the Project Manager. And at every milestone, a joint review will be held with the customer to ensure that the customer is aware of the status and also to ensure full verification of every phase before proceeding to the next phase of the development life cycle. For example, on completion of the high level and detailed designs, a joint review will be held and approval obtained before proceeding to the coding phase.