TFG - TotalFileGuard

TotalFileGuard™ (TFG) protects from the risks of losing or exposing data that is essential to any business. TotalFileGuard™ (TFG) encrypts data at the kernel level using the most advanced and fastest encryption algorithm available today.

TFG enforces application-based protection to ensure that sensitive data remains secure at all times, regardless of who has access to the files. It also supports compliance and security policies by monitoring user actions on protected files.

TFGRS - TotalFileGuard Reporting System

TFGRS is a web based reporting system which analyses the security log created by TotalFileGuard™ and provides valuable Reports on the level of security from various aspects such as Data, User and Operations including the administrative operations on TFG to the management and the security personnel; and also provides Alert mechanisms using which sensitive information can be monitored based on the security log data created by TFG.

Neo Values owns TFGRS, while it has partnered with Secward Technologies, USA to promote the products in the Indian sub continent.